Forget the tea and scones — a party just isn’t complete without Alice in Wonderland’s most beloved character: The Mad Hatter. Full of riddles and whimsy, The Mad Hatter can transform any event into an experience you and your guests will never forget.

You’ll go MAD when you see this outrageous character come to life right before your very eyes. Jason Walker (Atlanta’s premier Johnny Depp impersonator) is AMAZING as The Mad Hatter.

This is one of Jason’s most bizarre characters. The ghostly white skin with hints of pink and orange, the mesmerizing unnaturally green eyes, the whimsical neon hair: every detail is replicated in stunning detail.

The Mad Hatter will cause your guest to giggle with delight and EVERYONE will want a picture and a keepsake. Yours will be the party they are all talking about and posting pictures and status updates about on Facebook.

Just how good is Jason Walker as Johnny Depp’s Madd Hatter? He took 1st Prize as Most Original Costume in the 2011 Wild Bill’s Costume party which had over 5,000 people competing for that top honor.

If you want your special event to be truly unique, this character is the one.
(Also available for Tea Parties)